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Local Bridge Improvement Assistance (LBIA)

The Federal Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, as well as the State Surface Transportation Program (STP) has made funds available to a wide range of infrastructure improvement programs across all fifty States.

The Local Bridge Improvement Assistance (LBIA) program provides eligibility for smaller municipalities, such as our Town, to make an application for funds to address our bridges. This program allocates federal and state funds to help local governments rehabilitate and replace the most seriously deficient existing federal-aid-eligible local structures.

This program offers an incredible opportunity for the Town to replace two of its critically deficient bridges with little financial impact to the Town. Without this type of newly available financial assistance, the Town budget would not support any bridge replacement.

We have received notice that our bridge project funding applications have been approved and Federal monies have been allocated for the following Town bridges:

Lighthouse Lane

The Lighthouse Lane concrete bridge was constructed in 1917. This bridge has served the community for generations. The bridge has exhibited a steady decline in mechanical integrity, as noted by the annual bridge inspection. By State standards, this bridge is now eligible for replacement. The new bridge will be constructed for normalized two-way traffic and will also incorporate a pedestrian/bicycle lane.   The funding breakdown for this bridge replacement is: Federal 80%, 20% Local (10% County, 10% Town).

Woodford Drive

The Woodford Drive steel bridge was constructed circa 1910. This bridge has been closed to traffic for many years and recently closed to pedestrians as well.  The 114-year-old bridge is well past any serviceability; the bridge has been closed due to its structural failures and inability to be repaired. Fortunately, the Local Bridge Improvement Assistance funding now available for this bridge replacement will resolve a long-standing problem by reopening the Woodford Drive to River Drive North connection, once again providing better access to the Young America area for residents and emergency services.

The funding breakdown for this bridge replacement is: Federal/State 100%, 0% Town. Special criteria applied to this specific project provides for 100% complete design and construction funding.

The bridge project design documents are in process, we expect construction to begin in 2027 for both bridges.


The Town has other infrastructure improvements.

Agricultural Road Improvement Program (ARIP)

We have partnered with the Town of Farmington in applying for funds to rehabilitate Forest View Road. This project will rebuild the diminished road from the base up to State standards. The funding breakdown for this work is: Federal 80%, 20% Local (10% Barton, 10%  Farmington)  We have not received notice if this project will be accepted by the State DOT

Local Roads Improvement Program (LRIP)

A section of Kettle Moraine Drive will be pulverizing the existing asphalt and lay a new layer of asphalt at a set dollar amount from the LRIP program.