Any vehicle parked, stopped or standing upon a highway in violation of any of the provisions of this article is declared to be a hazard to traffic and public safety. Such vehicle shall be removed by the operator in charge to a position where parking is permitted or to a private or public parking or storage premises or property. Any officer, after issuing a citation for either illegal parking, stopping or standing of any unattended vehicle in violation of this article, is authorized to remove such vehicle to a position where parking is permitted or to cause the towing of such vehicle. In addition to other penalties provided by this article, the owner or operator of a vehicle so removed shall pay the reasonable costs of removing, towing and storage. If the vehicle is moved or towed by a private motor carrier, the motor vehicle tower is entitled to recover the actual charges regularly paid for such service. If the vehicle is stored in a public storage garage or rental facility, customary charges for such storage shall be paid. Upon payment, a receipt shall be issued to the owner of the vehicle for the towing or storage charges.


Available for the 2020 year May Through October 14 for residential properties only. YOU MUST CALL DON MAURER TO HAVE YOUR BRUSH CHIPPED (262-338-8253). Branches should be piled with the cut ends all laying the same way and spread out enough so as not to create a tangle of branches. The cut ends need to face the road and be approximately 2 ft from edge of pavement and the pile cannot exceed 3 ft in height. Please leave at least 2 ft between the piles. The thickest part of the brance cannot be more than 4 in. in diameter. Please trim any forks on heavy branches so as not to jam the chipper. If these rules are not followed, brush will not be removed and property owner will be responsible for removal. If you would like to keep the chips, please inform the men doing the chipping. Otherwise they are taken to the Transfer Station and are available to anyone. If anyone would like chips, call Don for availability. PLEASE DO NOT ABUSE THE CHIPPING SERVICE- THIS IS NOT MEANT AS A WAY TO CLEAR HEAVY BRUSH-FILLED AREAS AND WOODS.