Winter hours are in effect. 12 Noon to 4:00 pm on Saturdays November through April.

Loose garbage is not permitted at the Transfer Station, all garbage must be bagged. Only household garbage is accepted. Appliances, furniture, rolls of carpet, electronics and any hazardous waste items are NOT accepted. Please do no use plastic bags for paper/cardboard as they cause problems with equipment. The Town encourages recycling. Place glass, steel cans, plastic #1 and #2 and aluminum cans in the containers provided by the town for these items. Please crush or flatten plastics to save on space – often bins become too full of recyclables. We encourage everyone to separate their aluminum cans from the other recyclables and place them in the receptacle for the Good Luck 4-H Club. The Club uses this as a fundraiser. 

Electronics – The State DNR has a website that answers many questions, and lists businesses that are collection centers for electronics. Electronics are not accepted at the Transfer Station.